Something Fun – Do You Know What These Mean?

Here are a few Animal English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions.  An idiom is a phrase that has a meaning different than the meanings of the individual words.  Even if English is not your second language these can be difficult to understand. Test your knowledge of these idioms:

1. 800 Pound Gorilla    

A) A very large building.     B) A powerful and influential force in an industry.     C) A restaurant that serves large portions.

2. Ants in Your Pants    

A) A person that makes a lot of crumbs when they eat.     B) A large crowd.     C) Someone that is agitated and excited that can’t keep still.

3. Cat Got Your Tongue?    

A) When you are unable to speak, when you are asked a question.     B) A very loud cat fight.    C) A Sly person.

4. Ducks In A Row    

A) A person that is a follower, not a leader.     B) When a person is well organized.     C) A person that dresses very colorfully.


5. Pet Peeve    

A) Something that irritates a person     very much.     B) A person that has a lot of pets.     C) A person who only likes dogs.

6. Pecking Order    

A) A person who is picky eater.     B) A person who raises chickens.     C) Order of importance, rank.

7. Lion’s Share    

A) A very loud speaker.     B) Biggest or best part of  something.     C) A person with very long hair.

8. Night Owl    

A) Someone who stays up late.     B) Someone with very big eyes.     C) Someone who is very quiet.

9. Queen Bee    

A) A great organizer.     B) Someone who’s favorite colors are black and yellow.     C) A woman who is the most power in a situation or place.

10. Sacred Cow    

A) A vegetarian.     B) Someone who wears a lot of leather.       C) Something that holds much importance and respect, that     should not be criticized.

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